Most common issues found in women who work with You!Healing:
Issues Related to Digestion
Issues Related to Menopause
Heart Disease

Those with emotional issues suffer from: 

Lack of Fulfillment


For most women, it is rare to take the time to fully dedicate yourself to your own health and wellness. You!Healing programs seize this opportunity to address all aspects of healthy living. We tap into the often neglected parts of our spirit that make us unique. And, we insist upon having a blast while learning, growing, and healing. You!Healing is a connector, creating powerful, safe, sacred circles in major cities where women gather, internally explore and consciously shift.

Women, and particularly moms, are primary caregivers. When they value themselves enough to make the shift and deploy the new tools and knowledge gained, they carry that empowerment and knowledge into their families and empower their daughters, sons and husbands.

Anne is happy to address any gathering of 10 or more women to talk about empowered health and even teach specific stress reduction techniques in any city she is already in.

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Fasting with Anne was a remarkable experience. Although it was a mental and physical challenge to abstain from food for almost a week, for me the far greater challenge was emotional. I was surprised and deeply moved by the impact of taking food out of the equation. With Anne's guidance and support, I was able to access parts of me that I didn't even know still existed. While I did not enter the cleanse with the intention of changing perspective, it turned out to be a remarkable journey - to getting to know myself again and finding a new and unexpected comfort and peace. I wouldn't and couldn't have done this without Anne, she is an incredible woman.


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