Have you been diagnosed with any stage of:

Heart Disease
Issues Related to Digestion

Have you been diagnosed with any stage of:

Unmanaged Weight
Relationship Issues (Seperation/Divorce)
Work/Life Balance


Often men approach You!Healing with a desire to improve their physical health, the ways in which work is affecting their lives, and challenges within family relationships. Many clients suffer from medical issues which are largly attributed to lifestyle and stress.

You!Healing programs identify the interrationship between physical health, work, and family. Anne helps clients to step back, map out these relationships, and create a plan of action to achieve and maintain wellness.

Many men require a high degree of privacy, wishing to keep this healing journey separate from work and peers. Anne understands these pressures and offers convenient and confidential services.

Anne offers free lunchtime talks that result in a technique taught that can reduce the stress response within minutes. Just reach out via email to see when Anne will be in your city next.

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Fasting with Anne was a remarkable experience. Although it was a mental and physical challenge to abstain from food for almost a week, for me the far greater challenge was emotional. I was surprised and deeply moved by the impact of taking food out of the equation. With Anne's guidance and support, I was able to access parts of me that I didn't even know still existed. While I did not enter the cleanse with the intention of changing perspective, it turned out to be a remarkable journey - to getting to know myself again and finding a new and unexpected comfort and peace. I wouldn't and couldn't have done this without Anne, she is an incredible woman.


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