Most common issues found in children who work with You!Healing:

Cancer (Often Stem Cell Transplants)
Pre & Post Operative Care
Autoimmune & Neurological Illness
Digestive Issues

Most common issues found in children who work with You!Healing:

Learning Variations: ADD, ADHD, Lack of Confidence in School or Sports
Anxiety & Depression
Grief & Loss: Loss of a Parent, Sibling, or Friend


We never want our child to suffer from any health challenges. Unfortnuately, sometimes this is the case, and even the best medical approaches cannot help without drastic changes to physical and emotional health.

You!Healing has been working with children suffering from all ranges of health issues for over 20 years. Parents and doctors love teaming with Anne because she ensures that that the child feels comfortable, understands the process, and has fun while learning about their medical condition. Anne breaks down all of her courses into digestible pieces for children of all age groups. Anne has worked with over 500 children under the age of 6 and over 2,000 students.  


Anne has taught over 1,000 students the easy and powerful stress reducing techniques used in Mindfulness. She would be happy to speak to any age group at any school free of charge, or for a donation to charity.

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I benefited so much from the process that I now bring my children for sessions! I learned all this in the middle of my health crisis. I want my children to learn them early, before they have one! ​

​I must be noticeably better when I leave these sessions because my family always asks me ~ when will you be going again? I came hoping to somehow find the energy to make it through all that lay ahead of me. I found that energy and a whole lot more!


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