Upcoming Courses in 2018 and 2019

Are you:

  • Always rushing around
  • Accomplishing little
  • Bored In stale relationships
  • Burned out
  • Burdened


Course Description: If you want to begin to live a better life, one with less stress, more happiness, less anxiety and more accomplishment, join a group of fabulous folks working together toward change. As a group, we will look at what is and is not working in our lives. We will make plans to break patterns and move forward at home, at work, in relationships, and in life. This course offers deep insight and reflection, structured by concrete metrics for generating and sustaining lasting changes. This is truly a life changing experience! A favorite course for You!Healing clients. Many clients take this course annually and swear by the repeated positive impact!

Who Should Attend: This course is geared toward anyone saying yes to any of the signs of a life in need of change. Dates & Location: This is a seven day course offered around the world. Check Events Calendar for details. ‚Äč Rates & What is Included: The course fee is $1,100 USD. Participants are equipped with all of the course materials, resources and supports needed for the program.

Rates & What is Included: The course fee is $1,100 USD. Participants are equipped with all of the resources and supports needed for a seven day guided fast. These include, but are not limited to, expert facilitation, all supplements and oils needed for the week, cleansing supplies, online course materials, and meditation downloads.

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"Fasting with Anne was a remarkable experience. Although it was a mental and physical challenge to abstain from food for almost a week, for me the far greater challenge was emotional. I was surprised and deeply moved by the impact of taking food out of the equation. With Anne's guidance and support, I was able to access parts of me that I didn't even know still existed. While I did not enter the cleanse with the intention of changing perspective, it turned out to be a remarkable journey - to getting to know myself again and finding a new and unexpected comfort and peace. I wouldn't and couldn't have done this without Anne, she is an incredible woman."


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