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Fasting and cleansing is much like a maintenance check. Most of us regularly take our cars in for annual maintenance checks. The oil is changed, the brake pads replaced, and the tires rotated. We pay for this safety measure to assure that we’re driving a well-functioning machine. The body is the same. If we remember the fasting process is as old as time and that even the animal kingdom does it, it must be something the body needs and indeed loves.

We offer a proven safe, guided, clinically appropriate fasting technique that has successfully cleaned out both the well and the unwell including doctors, parents, monks, teenagers and even cynics! ​

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Recovering the Awe of the Human Body

Course Description: The Introduction to Fasting Course is an opportunity to truly transform your body and mind. Fasts are not only valuable for those with medical and emotional issues, but are transformative for athletes and peak performers. Frankly, just like your car, every body needs an annual tune up! Group camaraderie, engaging lessons on nutrition and digestion, introductions to breathing techniques, and small group sessions all unite for an incredibly enlightening experience.

​ The program has "add ons" depending on the location and time of year. To kick off the New Year, we often add in the Get A Life Program which culminates in a mini "business" plan for the best year ever. In the "double decker" programs offered in Bali, those fasters new to You!Healing come in the morning. The frequent (repeat) fasters come in the afternoon. Both groups join together at the noon for an hour yoga and meditation session. Frequent fasters also cover modules about Food Forensics and learn about what's actually in our food supply and how to eat safely. All to say, each program is different and the content is constantly changing to appeal to those who come back year after year.

Who Should Attend: This is the perfect course for new fasters. Anyone suffering from 3 or more of the outlined ailments are strongly encouraged to give their body and mind the gift of a fast.

Dates & Location: This seven-day course is offered in Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, as well as other locations in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA.

Rates & What is Included: The course fee is $1,100 USD. Participants are equipped with all of the resources and supports needed for a seven day guided fast. These include, but are not limited to, expert facilitation, all supplements and oils needed for the week, cleansing supplies, online course materials, and meditation downloads.

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Fasting with Anne was a remarkable experience. Although it was a mental and physical challenge to abstain from food for almost a week, for me the far greater challenge was emotional. I was surprised and deeply moved by the impact of taking food out of the equation. With Anne's guidance and support, I was able to access parts of me that I didn't even know still existed. While I did not enter the cleanse with the intention of changing perspective, it turned out to be a remarkable journey - to getting to know myself again and finding a new and unexpected comfort and peace. I wouldn't and couldn't have done this without Anne, she is an incredible woman.


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